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How can I issue a refund with Joist Payments?
How can I issue a refund with Joist Payments?
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You can issue a refund for a Credit Card payment directly through the invoice in Joist.

Please note that transaction fees for payments are not refunded. Your customer will still receive a full refund, but you will be charged the transaction fee for the payment via your PayPal account.

To issue a refund, just open the invoice the payment was made on, then for iOS and Web use the Payments button at the top of the screen. For Android, tap the Green Circle in the bottom right, then choose Payments.

From there you will see any payments made on the invoice listed. The button to the right of the payments will reveal the option to issue a refund.

Once you confirm a refund, it will begin processing immediately and cannot be stopped or reversed. On the client’s side, they should see the money credited back to their credit card statement in 3-7 business days -- this is the time required for credit card companies to adjust the client’s statement and is the same for any type of refund issued back to a credit card.

Important: If the payment has already processed to your bank account, PayPal may need to debit your bank account to cover the refund. To avoid the risk of over-drafting your bank account, please make sure you have enough money in your PayPal account or your bank account to cover the full refund.

Making sure your client knows they can reach out to you for a refund if necessary is a great way to help protect yourself from chargebacks. To learn more about this, check out:

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