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What is changing with Homeowner Financing?
What is changing with Homeowner Financing?
Updated over a week ago

Joist is partnering with Acorn Finance to enhance our Homeowner Financing feature.

With Acorn, your clients will have access to more than 12 of the top lenders. Expanded loan terms will make it easier for them to get financing and help you to win more jobs.

What’s changing?

For your clients:

As of February 1, 2022, if you have our Homeowner Financing feature enabled, when your clients click to explore their financing options, they’ll be directed to Acorn’s lender marketplace where they can check their options without impacting their credit score.

See what your clients will experience here:

For you:

Very little changes for you. This feature continues to be completely free to you, with no impact to your credit score. Your clients will continue to deal directly with their lenders.

As an expansion of this feature, you’ll now be notified if your clients click on Acorn’s financing link, so you’ll know that they’re exploring their options.

How does it benefit me and my clients?

Your clients will now have access to an expanded network of lenders with better rates, longer repayment terms, and they'll receive their money faster after they apply for financing.

For you, this means more clients are likely to receive financing, leading to more sales and an easier experience for your clients.

What happens to my clients with existing loans?

Your clients who received loans through our previous lending partners will continue to deal directly with their lenders and will experience no impacts as a result of this change.

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