Can I have multiple users on the same account?

Currently Joist accounts are setup to be used by a single user with a single login email and password. If you need to share your account with a partner or administrator, you can share your login credentials with that person and they can login to your Joist account from another device.

Some things to consider when you are sharing your account:

• To prevent errors, avoid having more than one user making changes on the account at the same time.

• Anyone you share your account with could change the email address on the account to their own and then change the password with this access.

• If you part ways with someone who has access to your account, rememeber to change the password on your Joist account right away to automatically sign them out on any device they may have accessed your account from.

We are looking into adding multiple user access as a feature in Joist in the near future. We'll be sure to let you know if/when this becomes available!

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