Can I send to more than one email address?

You can send your estimate or invoice from Joist to more than one recipient at the same time. This can be done after you have completed and saved your invoice from the email sending screen.

Just tap to the right of your client's email address in the "To:" field, type the email address you want to add and then tap the space bar. You can continue adding email addresses this way, first by typing the email address and then tapping the space bar.

When you are finished adding email addresses, you can send the email. The email will be sent to each email address individually -- in other words, it will not show the other email addresses as recipients like you might see when sending from a traditional email account or application.

Please note that adding more than one email address in the client section of Joist is not an option at this time. If you do this, Joist will treat this as one large email address and will be unable to send the email.

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