What is markup and how does it work?

Markup in Joist allows you to increase the overall price of your estimate or invoice by either a dollar amount or a percentage to account for operational costs not covered by standard line items.

Many contractors use some form of markup in order to ensure they generate enough income to run their business smoothly and effectively.

Markup is invisible to your client, meaning you set the amount in Joist and it gets distributed throughout the total prices of your line items and subtotal, but the client never sees any mention of a markup on their estimate or invoice.

To use Markup, simply click the Add button next to Markup in the Subtotal area when creating or editing an estimate or invoice.
Next, choose whether you want to use a percentage or dollar amount, enter the amount and then click Done. And that's it!

Try using Markup today and add a new level of stability and security to your business.

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