I know a feature that will make Joist even better!

That's great! We're always working on ways to make Joist a better tool for contractors, and who better to tell us what that should be than you, the Joist user?

You can send any feature requests or ideas you have about how to improve Joist to hello@joist.com. We check this every day and if we have any follow-up questions for you we'll be sure to respond.

Some things we usually like to ask that might help to include when sending in your ideas are:

How does not having this feature currently impact you or your clients?

How would having this feature in Joist help you better run your business?

How do you imagine this feature looking or working in Joist? (No need to be too specific, but just a general idea would help us see what you're seeing.)

We've worked very hard to make Joist a fast and easy way to create, send and manage estimates and invoices from your mobile device and computer. In many ways that ease of use is our most popular feature. For that reason, we are always careful to consider any new feature idea before deciding to go forward with it.

There are a near infinite number of features we could add to the Joist app -- there's almost no limit to what can be done in an app these days. But what should be done, how that will affect the way the app works and how will it benefit or potentially hinder all our users, is what we have to ask ourselves every time we take any new feature idea into consideration.

But we do take all feature requests under consideration. And we look forward to hearing more about yours. Drop us a line at hello@joist.com and let us know what you have in mind!

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