Setting up Joist Payments

Step 1 Confirm Account

- In an email called “Confirm your Joist Payment account,” click the link to create account.

- Create password.



Step 2a Business Info | Registered business with EIN*

*If Canadian, this is your Business Number

- Continue filling out the page if you are a registered business with an EIN.

- If not, that’s ok! Just go to step 2b below.


Step 2b Business Info | No EIN*

*If Canadian, this is your Business Number

- In the Account Details section near the top of the page click the “click here” link.


- The page will refresh and look like the one below.

- In “What best describes you?” choose “Individual.” Then fill out the rest of the form.


Step 3 Bank Account Info

- Fill out banking information.

- For fastest frequency of deposits into your account, select “Daily.”




That’s it!

You’re now ready to get paid on your Joist invoices!



To really make the most of Joist Payments, be sure to check out these helpful links:

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