Resolving Tax Errors (Canada)

In order to ensure your Joist <> QuickBooks sync is working perfectly, you’ll need to ensure your taxes are set up the same way in both Joist and QuickBooks so they match exactly.

If you’ve already synced data and received an error message relating to Taxes, here's how you can fix that:

Taxes in QuickBooks are preset depending on your province, so you’ll want to change your tax in Joist to match that exactly.

For example, if you are based out of Ontario and are charging HST, your tax in QuickBooks would be 13% and would be named “HST ON”. So you would have to name your tax exactly the same in Joist, caps included, and be sure to set it as 13%.
With your matching tax now setup in Joist, you’ll just want to go through any estimates or invoices you plan to sync with QuickBooks and remove the current tax from any line items, then add the new matching tax to those same line items.

Now your invoices can be synced with QuickBooks without any tax errors getting in the way.

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