Why do signatures appear on a separate page?

If you’ve ever wondered why the signature lines on your estimate or invoice always appear on a separate page, the answer may be that you have a contract in place when you don’t actually need one.

A contract in Joist always appears on its own page, with signatures appearing below it. Contracts can be of any length or description, customized to your own needs, and are useful tools for establishing the terms and conditions of your work. But not everyone needs or wants a contract on their estimate or invoice.
Joist includes a sample contract of one sentence that is turned on for estimates and invoices by default, so you may not realize that it’s there. But you can turn that default option off in Settings if you don't require it. This will allow your signature lines to move up to the previous page if there is space available there.

Doing this will help with any future estimate or invoice you create. But to fix this on your current estimates or invoices, just go into edit mode on that document and in the Contract and Signatures section click or tap on the Contract and choose the option to remove it. Now your signature lines will appear on the previous page if there is space available there.

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