Can Customers Sign My Estimates and Invoices?

With Joist, clients can sign your Estimate and Invoice documents right on the spot or later via email.

  1. First, select document you wish to have your client sign. Click the pencil icon to Edit.

  2. Scroll down to the Contract & Signatures section. From here you can click on the option to include a Client Signature.  

3. Save and send your document to your client.

4. Your client can electronically sign the document right from their computer. Instruct them to click the weblink provided in the email. This is what they will see:

5. This is what they will see once they click the link:

Once your client enters their signature, it will be added to the document. Making any changes to the document after your client signs will clear their signature.

Helpful hint: You can receive a notification directly to your device when a customer signs the document via the weblink! Simply turn on this notification in the Notification section under Settings.

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