Create Your First Invoice

Creating and sending a professional Invoice with Joist is fast and easy!

There are two key components to every Invoice:

Client: This is the client or customer that you will be sending the Invoice document to.

Items: This is the description of work, or anything you would charge customers for i.e. Labor, Materials, etc. You can add multiple items to an Invoice.

Here’s how you can create an Invoice on your desktop or laptop:

Go to the “Invoice” section in the far left menu.

Click the “New Invoice” button in the top right corner.

Click “Add Client” to add your client

If you are adding in a New Client, enter in your client’s Basic Information (name, email, and phone numbers), and enter their Additional Information (Mailing Address).

If you are selecting from your saved clients list, click “My Clients” then select your client.

Click “Add” when finished.

Click “Add Line Item” to add your first item.

Add your item information including the Item Name, Rate, Quantity, Tax, and Description.

Click “Save” in the top right corner to save your work. This will also take you to a preview of your invoice.

Here you can see a preview of your document. Click “Edit” at the top of the page to continue adding items or make changes.

From the preview screen you also have the option to:

- edit your Display Options, to toggle Rate, Quantity and Total on and off
- email the invoice to your client
- log payments with the "Payment" button
- print, as well as duplicate and delete the invoice under “More”

And that's it! Creating and sending Invoices to your client is fast and easy. If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call at 1-800-976-9261.

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