What are Those Envelope Icons on my Joist Screen and What do They Mean?

The Envelope icons are there to help you keep track of your emails and if they have been received and opened by your clients!

With Joist, you can check to see if your estimates and invoices have successfully been sent to your client and if your client has opened the email.

First go to your main list of estimates or invoices. In that list you will notice an 'Envelope' icon next to each of the estimates or invoices that have been sent to your client.

A Grey Envelope that says “Email Sent” means that the email has been successfully sent to your client.

An Opened Grey Envelope that says “Email opened” means that the client has received AND opened the email.

An Orange or Red envelope that says “Email not delivered” means that the email was not successfully sent to your client. In this case, check to see that the client email was spelled correctly and you can always contact us at support@joistapp.com or at 1-800-976-9261.

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