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Contract Text Formatting



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    Hey Jake, totally agree! Rich-text formatting would be a great addition to the app and I think a lot of contractors could benefit from a feature like this. We're focused on improving some other areas of the app right now, but I hope we'll be able to add this eventually!

    Please feel free to officially submit this or any other feature requests here: How do I request a new feature? – The Joist Help Center

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    Jake Adkinson

    An absolutely WONDERFUL idea! I've had Joist for a few years and love the app as much as my customers do.... However there have been times that I've needed to export the estimate/contract to another site or app so that it could be edited and formatted further. After that, unfortunately, it can't be sent thru the app... which is extremely inconvenient! I am a full time contractor, but I am also in the IT field on the side. It would be pretty simple for your in-house IT guys to add a formatting program to your app - and I can guarantee that you would make EVERY SINGLE USER of your app extremely happy (not to mention boost their revenue).     Thanks

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