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    Hi Forest -- thanks for reaching out about this, I can definitely help you out here.

    It looks like there may have been a typo in the bank account number you gave us. We sent the funds to your bank and they've come back with a message stating there was no account matching those details so the funds are now on their way back to us. Once we receive them, we'll send the funds out to you again, but only after you've updated your banking info.

    To update your bank info, just follow the steps here:

    Update banking info

    The funds should be back to us in the next 1-4 business days -- we know how important it is to get your money as quickly as possible, so as soon as we have the funds back and we see your banking info has been updated, we'll send the funds out again.

    I hope this helps -- if you have any further questions, just let me know.

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