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Double payments


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    Hi Ryan -- I can help with this for sure. 

    It looks like you received one online credit card payment and then manually logged a credit card payment on the same invoice, which now makes the invoice look like it is essentially paid in full. But you can remove that manually logged payment, which will allow you to submit the invoice for payment by online credit card payment to your client again.

    To remove the manually logged payment, follow the instructions here:

    How do I remove a payment from an invoice?

    Just make sure you choose the payment that is labeled CREDIT CARD for removal. You do not want to remove the payment labeled ONLINE CREDIT CARD since that is the actual payment your client made to you.

    Once the payment has been removed, the balance will be updated on the invoice and you can send it to your client again to request the remaining payment.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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