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Why should I upgrade to Joist Pro?
Why should I upgrade to Joist Pro?
Updated over a week ago

Joist Pro gives you a leg up on the competition. Anyone can create and use a Joist account, but Joist Pro's professional features are proven to help you win more jobs and make more money.

Show your logo on all your estimates and invoices, add photos to give clients the full picture, include contracts for peace of mind, and get notified any time a client views or signs a Joist document. And these are just a few of the powerful features unlocked when you upgrade to Joist Pro!

Upgrading to Joist Pro gives you the professional edge that keeps you well ahead of the competition. Head on over to the Joist Pro section in the Joist app to get started!

And for more detailed info on all the Pro features, check out this article: What is Joist Pro?

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