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What happens if I cancel Joist Pro?
What happens if I cancel Joist Pro?
Updated over a week ago

Joist Pro gives you exclusive access to the following professional features:

  • Custom Logo

  • Document Photos

  • Line Item Photos

  • Custom Contracts

  • Notifications

  • Work Orders

  • File Attachments

  • QuickBooks Sync

  • Line Item Markup

  • Joist Rewards

These Pro features are designed to help you give your clients confidence, stay on top of bids, save time, win more jobs and make more money.

If you decide to cancel your subscription to Joist Pro, these features would remain available to you until your last paid subscription period ends. At that point, the features of Joist Pro would no longer be available on your Joist account.

Your logo, photos, contracts and file attachments would remain on any documents you had created up until your Joist Pro subscription ended. Subsequent documents would not have access to these features.

Any documents you synced to QuickBooks would remain in your QuickBooks account, but going forward your Joist account and QuickBooks Online account would no longer be synced.

If you subscribed through the mobile app, iOS's App Store or Android's Google Play manage your subscription and the cancelation process.

If you subscribed to Joist Pro through Joist on a computer, you can cancel by accessing Joist from your computer at and going to Settings > Joist Pro and choosing the cancel option near the bottom of the page.

You can subscribe again at any time to regain access to all the Joist Pro features.

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