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How do I get started with QuickBooks Sync?
How do I get started with QuickBooks Sync?
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Getting started with QuickBooks Sync is easy!

Step one is to sign up for Joist Pro or Joist Elite. QuickBooks Sync is one of a list of powerful features available exclusively to Joist Pro and Joist Elite subscribers.

You can do this directly from the QuickBooks Sync section of the app. Choose Upgrade Now, then follow the prompts to select a payment plan.

Next, you'll be asked to connect your QuickBooks Online account. Simply enter your QuickBooks account's email and password credentials and you're done!

Decide how and when you want to sync

Syncing takes place automatically every night (4am EST). We automatically sync documents you’ve created after signing up, once they’ve been “issued” -- meaning the document was sent by email. This is because documents can only be synced once, and we want to make sure the document is finished before syncing it.

If you don’t want to automatically sync documents when they’re issued, toggle off automatic sync in settings. Then you can select which documents you want to sync when you’re ready, directly from the estimate or invoice.


And if you need something synced right away, just click the Sync Now option available in Settings, QuickBooks Sync. Anything ready to sync will be taken care of right there and then.

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