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What is the difference between Joist Pro and Joist Basic?
What is the difference between Joist Pro and Joist Basic?
Updated over a week ago

The Basic version of Joist lets you create up to 5 estimates and invoices per month and gives you the option to send those by email and sms. It includes the ability to add clients and items, add notes, include a payment schedule, add a markup, accept digital signatures, and more.

The Basic version of Joist also includes the option to use powerful services like Homeowner Financing and Joist Payments.

Joist Pro unlocks unlimited documents, and powerful professional features, like the ability to display your company logo on your documents, add photos, include custom contracts, and receive notifications when your client views or signs your documents. You'll also get access to Joist Rewards and several other Pro features.

These professional features are designed to help you wow clients and win more jobs!

Sign up today to stay ahead of the competition and give yourself a professional edge. Head on over to the Joist Pro section in the Joist app to get started!

And for more detailed info on all the Pro features, check out this article: What is Joist Pro?

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