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How do I make sure I'm ready to accept payments through PayPal with Joist?
How do I make sure I'm ready to accept payments through PayPal with Joist?
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Congratulations on signing up for payment processing in Joist through PayPal! Now let's make sure you're all setup to start collecting payments from your clients.

Step 1: Confirm your account is ready

Occasionally after signing up for a PayPal Business account, PayPal may catch that some information you entered was in some way incomplete or missing. When that happens, they will notify you by email as well as within your PayPal Business account dashboard.

The easiest way to check on this is to head to your PayPal dashboard by clicking here:

If any actions are required of you, they will be clearly listed on this screen along with how you can complete the action, such as providing further information or uploading a requested document.

If you don't see any requests here, or you've completed any requests as required, you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Connect your bank account

If you haven't already, be sure to connect your preferred bank account to your PayPal Business account by clicking the link below and, next to Bank Accounts click Link a new bank account.

If you already see a bank account listed here, or you have gone ahead and added the bank account you want, you can move on to step 3.

Step 3: Enable Auto-Sweep

Now you just have to tell PayPal that you want the funds from your transactions automatically sent to the bank account you've connected.

To do that, first click this link:

Once signed in, you'll be in the Money, banks and cards section, where you'll find an option called Automatic Transfers.

Important: There is a 24-48 hour delay from when you first sign up to when this feature will be visible in your account. If you do not see the option for Automatic Transfers, check back at the end of the following business day to complete these steps.

  • Click Manage to the right of Automatic Transfers

  • Then click Edit

  • Under the question "Would you like to enable Auto-Sweep?" click Yes

Now just select the bank account you want your funds to transfer to and you're done!

With all three steps complete, your account is setup and ready to accept payments, which will automatically transfer to your bank account. Automatic bank transfers typically complete in two business days.

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