How do I enable automatic transfers with PayPal?
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When your client pays you through Joist Payments, the funds are ready to be transferred to your bank account. But you'll need to connect your bank account and enable automatic transfers first.

You can do both by signing into your PayPal business account here:

Connect your bank account

First connect your bank account in the Link Bank or Card section. You'll need the login details for your online banking for the fastest, easiest setup.

Enable Automatic Transfers

Next look for the option called Automatic Transfers and turn it ON. Select the bank account you want your funds to transfer to, and you're done.

Now anytime a payment transaction clears, it will be automatically transferred to your bank account. Automatic bank transfers typically complete in 2 business days.

Mark as Done

Make sure you have marked these two steps as done in the Payments section of your Joist app if you haven't already. You can jump to the Payments section of your app with this link:

If you see a list of 5 steps on screen, be sure to mark steps 4 and 5 as done so payment processing will be fully enabled on your account.

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