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QuickBooks per document syncing (Web)
Updated over a week ago

By default, estimates and invoices are automatically queued for syncing when they are "issued" (sent by email).

If you prefer, you can manually choose which documents to sync. Here's how:

From the menu on the left, go to Settings > Quickbooks Sync and turn off automatic sync.

Note: You do not have to disable automatic sync to use per document syncing, but it is strongly recommended if you want full control over when your documents sync.

Next, open a specific document that you want to sync. Tap More in the top-right, then select Sync with Quickbooks. Note that a document can only be synced once.

Your documents will be synced to QuickBooks overnight.

If you need to sync right away, you can use the Sync Now button in the QuickBooks Sync settings page.

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