Joist Rewards
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We are excited to introduce Joist Rewards!

Who is Eligible?

Joist Rewards is a new feature of Joist Pro. If you have a Joist Pro or a Joist Elite subscription on your iOS or Android device and reside in the US, you will have access to Joist Rewards.

More information to come on the availability of Joist Rewards in the Joist Web app.

How do I earn Joist Rewards?

Use any credit card in your Home Depot Xtra Account to make purchases at Home Depot, and show your Home Depot Pro Xtra ID at checkout. Your Joist Rewards balance will be automatically updated with up to 2% money back.

What purchases count toward Joist Rewards?

Any purchases made at Home Depot that qualify under your Pro Xtra program will earn you Joist Rewards. Exceptions under Pro Xtra include sales tax, shipping costs, and some other incidentals. For a complete breakdown of Home Depot Pro Xtra, check out their website.

How much can I earn using Joist Rewards?

You can receive up to 2% money back on all qualified Home Depot purchases when using your confirmed form of payment connected to your Home Depot Pro Xtra account. Exclusions on items may apply.

When will I receive my Joist Rewards money?

Joist Rewards are paid out twice per year. While processing times for payout can vary, you can use the dates below as a guideline:

  • For purchases made between January 1st and June 30th, you should receive your reward funds in September.

  • For purchases made between July 1st and December 31st, you should receive your reward funds in May.

Where will I receive my Joist Rewards money?

Money will be sent to your PayPal Business Account twice per year. If you don’t have a PayPal Business Account, you can set one up for free here.

How do I get my Joist Rewards money?

If you use Joist Payments*, you’re all set. You already have a PayPal Business Account, and your reward money will be sent there.

If you don’t use Joist Payments, just shoot us a message at and we can help you get set up. We’ll show you how you can make sure you’ve connected your bank account to a PayPal Business Account and enabled automatic transfers.

*Joist Payments - powered by PayPal. If you have a legacy Joist Payments account through WePay, you will still need to create a PayPal Business Account.

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