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(WePay) What information should my client provide when they pay me through Joist?
(WePay) What information should my client provide when they pay me through Joist?
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We're Moving Forward

Joist Payments will no longer work with WePay as of June 1, 2024

To keep using Joist Payments, click here to switch to our new payment processing partner, Stripe.

Switching takes just a few minutes and ensures no disruption of service. Plus, you'll get new payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Note: Below information is the legacy article for WePay and does not apply to Stripe. We'll have new help center articles for Stripe coming soon.

When your client is ready to pay you through Joist, they'll be asked for information to verify who they are as the payer. This is similar to any type of online payment on websites like Amazon, or payment platforms like PayPal.

Here is a list of the information they'll be asked to provide during the payment process:

  • Credit card number

  • Credit card expiration date

  • Credit card security code

  • Name as it appears on the credit card

  • Address associated with their credit card

  • Email address associated with the credit card

It's important to note that the person who is paying on the invoice should have their name listed as the client on the invoice. In other words, the person being invoiced should be the person issuing payment on the invoice.

In some cases where the names do not match, we may be able to explain the discrepancy ourselves by conducting a brief internal review. In other cases, we may need to reach out to you for a better understanding of the relationship of the payer to the service described on the invoice. Either case may delay the normal processing time for a given payment.

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