(WePay) What is a chargeback?
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If a credit card holder does not recognize or agree with a payment on their statement, their credit card company will instantly recover the funds from the merchant, through their payments processor, upon their request.

If a chargeback is issued against you and the funds were already sent to your bank account, we would need to recover them from that account. This recovery process can take up to 10 days to complete and may result in the payments you receive during this time being held until the funds are fully recovered.

Payment processors are under strict regulations to comply with chargebacks, but a chargeback can be challenged and in some cases won in the merchant’s favour, meaning the funds would be taken back from the client and returned to you.

How can I dispute a chargeback?

If a chargeback is issued against you, we will immediately notify you and give you the option to challenge it. You will have within 5 business days to initiate the challenge and will be asked to provide supporting documentation such as a signed contract, photos of work completed, copies of text messages or emails where the client indicated satisfaction with the completion of the work, etc. The email you receive will have specific instructions on how to do this.

We will then fight the chargeback on your behalf and notify you of the results. Ultimately the credit card company has the final say and we are bound by card network regulations to comply with their decision, but in clear cases where the chargeback is fraudulent or a mistake we may be able to win your funds back for you.

Chargebacks can take a long time to resolve, and while we are working as quickly as possible for you we are ultimately on the credit card company’s schedule. Chargeback disputes can take up to 45 days to resolve. In some very rare cases they can take up to 90 days.

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