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(WePay) What (and why) are reviews?
(WePay) What (and why) are reviews?
Updated over a week ago

We're Moving Forward

Joist Payments will no longer work with WePay as of June 1, 2024

To keep using Joist Payments, click here to switch to our new payment processing partner, Stripe.

Switching takes just a few minutes and ensures no disruption of service. Plus, you'll get new payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Note: Below information is the legacy article for WePay and does not apply to Stripe. We'll have new help center articles for Stripe coming soon.

Our number one goal in processing payments for you is ensuring you get your money safely and securely. The sad truth is, trade contractors are often the targets of sophisticated scams that can be difficult to detect on the surface and can leave a contractor out thousands of dollars and countless hours of labour if left unchecked.

For this reason we will, on rare occasions, conduct a more thorough review of a payment at the time it enters our system or at the time it is scheduled to go to the bank to ensure you and your money are being protected.

Most reviews can be completed in 1-2 business days. If any further information is needed from you, our team will reach out to you, but in most cases reviews can be completed without your involvement. We will notify you again to let you know as soon as the process has completed.

For more information on how you can protect yourself from potentially fraudulent situations, check out our guides on:

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