How do I contact Joist Support?
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Did you know most Joist customer questions have already been answered in our Joist Help Center? You can find answers to your questions there quickly and easily, organized by topic.

Contact Joist Support by Email or Live Chat

For urgent issues, you can reach our support team by email at or by live chat, which you'll find in the Help section of the Joist mobile app when viewing a help article, or in the bottom right corner of the screen when using Joist on a computer at

Hours of availability for Joist Support

Monday to Friday
Email Support: 9am to 5pm EST (6am to 2pm PST)
Live Chat Support: 9am to 8pm EST (6am to 5pm PST)
Saturday and Sunday
Live Chat Support:
9am to 1pm EST (6am to 10am PST)
2pm to 6pm EST (11am to 3pm PST)

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