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Common Questions and Issues
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Protect your profits using Markup in Joist
Can I use Internet Explorer with Joist?
How do I find the login email address for my Joist account?
Why am I seeing the error "Name can't be blank"?
How do I log out of the app?
Can I attach a file to my estimate or invoice?
Is Joist a job cost estimating program?
How do I contact Joist Support?
Is a signature in Joist legally binding
What can I do if my client isn't receiving my email from Joist?
Is Joist setup for teams?
Does Joist have any accounting features?
Does Joist offer scheduling?
How do taxes work when I add a discount?
How do I request a new feature?
Can I discount a line item or name my discount?
Can I add photos to my line items?
Can I change the font or layout of my estimates and invoices?
Why do signatures appear on a separate page?
Can I make my logo bigger?
What happens if I change a signed document?
Can I convert an invoice to an estimate?
What happens to my estimate when I convert to an invoice?
Can I clear all the documents, clients or items from my account?
Can a deleted estimate or invoice be recovered?
My estimates and invoices are missing
How do I turn notifications on or off?
Can I send to more than one email address?
Can I have multiple users on the same account?
Where is all my data being stored?
Is Joist really free?
How do I export my Joist data for tax and accounting purposes?
Do I need an internet connection to use Joist?
Does my information stay in sync across my phone, tablet, and computer?
Can I have multiple companies in one Joist account?
Can I add a negative line item in Joist?