Can I make my logo bigger?
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A lot of careful attention went into designing the layout of Joist estimates and invoices to ensure your clients get the best possible impression of your business and have an easy time finding what they're looking for.

To accomplish this, everything from the space allotted for the logo to the placement of client’s address to the way the line items are presented is set in place to ensure nothing throws the document off balance.

But while the space for the logo itself can’t be increased, there may be things you can do to increase the overall size of your logo within that space. Here are a couple of things to look out for.


In the image file for your logo, is the logo cropped right to the edges of the graphic, or are there any sides where you can see white space extending beyond the edges of the logo?

If so, try cropping the image to remove those white edges. This will ensure your logo fills out the full space given to it in the header of your Joist documents.


Sometimes logos contain text elements above, below or beside the graphic elements, like the company name or address or phone number, all of which is already displayed in the header of your Joist estimates and invoices.

By removing this text from the logo file, you can substantially increase the size and impact of your logo as it appears on your Joist documents.

Small changes like these can make a big difference on how large your logo appears on your Joist estimates and invoices.

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