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What can I do if my client isn't receiving my email from Joist?
What can I do if my client isn't receiving my email from Joist?
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If you've sent an email to a client from Joist but they haven't received it, there are a few things you can do that can fix the issue.

Check the email address

This is the most common cause of emails not getting to the client. We've all been there -- the email address looks right, but on closer inspection you may find there's a letter or number missing, or the .com is written as .con.

Maybe you're sure you typed it out correctly, but giving it another look couldn't hurt.

Check junk/spam

In some cases a client's email account may be misidentifying emails from Joist as junk or spam and is redirecting them to one of those folders.

Most email providers have a way of letting the user tell them a particular email isn't junk or spam, so if they find your Joist email there ask them to take that step so future emails from your Joist account will come through to their inbox.

Add us as a safe sender

In some rare cases, your client's email account may be rejecting emails from us entirely, so they won't even show up in junk or spam. If your client doesn't find our email in their junk or spam folder, ask them to add us as a safe sender. That way, you can send the email to them again and it should come through to their inbox.

Ask them to add as a safe sender. This is the email account that sends all outgoing email from Joist, so by adding it as a safe sender they are ensuring their email account will accept all emails you send to them from Joist.

Send by SMS

Alternatively, you can send your estimate or invoice to your client from Joist as a test message. Just open your document on an iOS or Android device, tap send, then choose SMS and enter your client's cell phone number. Your client will receive a text with a link to view the document, just like the would if it were sent by email.

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