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Private Notes
Updated over a week ago

As a busy contractor, you have countless things you need to remember. Recalling what a client said to you last week or the specific details about each job you're working on can be challenging. Private Notes makes it easy to save important info, so you don't have to remember everything.

Use Private Notes to save measurements, materials you need to purchase, reminders to yourself, details about your clients and their projects, and more. You can use Private Notes anytime you want to record a note on an estimate or invoice without showing it to your client. You can also add private notes to your list of items.

When you view an estimate or invoice in the Joist app, any Private Notes you've saved to your estimate or invoice will show up at the top of the 1st page for you to quickly review.

Here's how you can add Private Notes to your estimates or invoices:


Create a new estimate/invoice, or edit an existing estimate/invoice.
Scroll down to the Your Private Notes section, where you can type in your notes.

When you're done entering your notes, click on Save and you'll see the Private Notes displayed at the top of your estimate/invoice.

You can also add Private Notes to your line items in the Items section of the app.

iOS and Android

Private Notes aren't available for the iOS and Android versions of the app at this time. We'll update this article with any developments, so check back in the future for updates on this feature!

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