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How do I or my client sign an estimate or invoice?
How do I or my client sign an estimate or invoice?
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Signatures on an estimate or invoice are a great way to give confidence to both you and your client that the project is underway and agreed upon. Joist makes it easy for you and your client to sign your estimates and invoices.

Here's how:

Your client

The easiest way for a client to sign is from their own device. To get started, all they have to do is click or tap the button in the email you've sent them from Joist to open the estimate or invoice.

If they are viewing the estimate or invoice on a larger screen like a computer or tablet, they'll see three buttons in the top right corner, one of which is Sign.

If they are viewing the estimate or invoice on a smaller screen like a phone, they'll see a button at the top of the screen labeled More Actions. They can tap this, then tap Sign.

A new window will appear where they can type their name and then click or tap the OK button.

Their digital signature will then appear on the document right before their eyes. And your document in Joist will be updated with the signature as well.

You and your client

Alternatively, you and your client can sign directly on the screen of your mobile device using just a finger.

First open the estimate or invoice in Joist. Then, on iOS, tap More in the the top right corner of the scree. On Android, tap the Green Circle in the bottom right corner of the screen.

From the list of options, tap Sign.

Now you and/or your client can sign directly on the screen. If you have both options enabled on this document, you can toggle between who is signing, you or the client.

When you are done, tap the Save or Checkmark button in the top right of the screen. Any signature added will now appear on the document.
โ€‹Note: The option to sign your own estimates/invoices is only available on mobile devices. You won't be able to use the "my signature" feature on a desktop or laptop computer.

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